Pricing + Services


Our standard rate for all services is $75/hour. 



Traditional Hypnosis

$75/hour — We offer traditional hypnosis for weight loss, smoking, habits, trauma, success, and more... 

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) 

$375/ 5 hour session. Quantum Healing Hypnosis ( QHHT® ) is a revolutionary technique developed by world renowned hypnotherapist author and teacher Dolores Cannon. This technique takes you beyond the usual past life regression and into a place where clarity, understanding and healing can be found by speaking to that part of you that really does know the answer to every question......your Higher Self. 

Past Life Regression & Mini Healing

$222 /3 hour - Past Life Regression and healing session. Explore the journey of your soul and find healing and the answers to life's questions. 


Personal: $75/hour


Basic Past Life Regression

Personal: $111/hour — 1.5 hour Basic Past Life Regression. Discover the journeys of your soul. 

Beyond Quantum Healing

$222/3 hour Session

$375/ 5 hour session — BQH is a heart and energy-based healing modality. 

BQH was created and based upon classic "past life regression" hypnosis models but with a great many important and distinctive differences.

BQH eschews hard and fast rules and promotes creative and individualized approaches and shuns the typical rules, restrictions and dogma or more restrictive modalities. BQH is "quantum" which can mean "multidimensional," so healing may occur on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Quantum can also suggest that healing may occur without regard to proximity, and BQH is presented in a way to prepare you to assist clients not only in person but also via the internet using video conferencing programs.